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Sweet Balance Bodywork

Restore your mind, body, and energy with our Young Living inspired Raindrop essential oil treatment. You will experience a combination of techniques similar to Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Energy work and Facial Acupressure. Supporting spinal alignment, chakra balancing, and emotional well being.

Sweet Balance Bodywork 

With light to moderate pressure, your entire body will be soothed and nourished with Therapeutic Grade essential oils and warms stones to melt your stress away.

60 minutes | $90

90 minutes | $120

Deep Surrender Bodywork 

Relieving physical and mental tension, this treatment is taking our Sweet Balance Bodywork treatment into deep layers of healing with strong and focused pressure.

60 minutes | $110

90 minutes | $140

Additional Benefits of Bodywork

• Relieve muscle aches, stiffness & pain

• Improve sleep

• Decrease nervous exhaustion

• Strengthen immune system

• Decrease anxiety, depression & stress

• Enhance emotional balance, uplift & refresh mood

• Support the body's natural ability to heal itself 

• Support healthy immune system 

• Help detox the body systems – The oils enhance cleansing of the body on a cellular level.

• Facial Acupressure can acquire deep relaxation as well as softening wrinkles caused by stress

• Speeds up healing (post-operative procedures)

Book Your Bodywork Today! 

Call: 781-245-0348

Email: [email protected]

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