Michelle Reum

Yoga has brought Michelle a deeper appreciation for the beauty in the world. Her first experience with the practice was the discovery of the mind and body connection created through pranayama (breathwork). In 2008, her pregnancy breathed life to her asana practice with the intention to bond with her baby and attend to her body’s evolving needs. Yoga soon became a means of connection to all beings beyond the surface of her own skin. Her insatiable craving for yoga progressed from keenness of her body to awareness of her surroundings.  She picked up on signs that became so obvious she could no longer shy away her passion for yoga and new found confidence in herself. Finally coming to accept her uniqueness, she realized she could integrate her gifts in a way that served the community by becoming a teacher. 

She believes that there is a yoga for every student and the continued practice can guide them to their natural and balanced state of being. She found that practicing yoga not only developed a heightened awareness of the body but also of the internal dialogue that influenced false ideas of the self. Her classes work to counteract the habitual and default positions of the body and mind in order restore mobility and gain clarity.  She creates a detoxifying experience through intentional movement, music, and the power of community. She hopes to help you reveal your true potential through her physically and focus demanding classes.

Teaching yoga has brought Michelle a sense of balance, grounding and awareness. She is grateful for her journey, the community, mentors and her greatest teacher, her son. Her karma is to spread the joy of yoga to each person it calls to.

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